Great weekend. :’3

Even though it’s not over yet. I’m ready to recap already. Hehehe.

I got home sunday night and chilled in dining room with my mom and Joey. We talked about a lot of things. Oh, I also had like, four bowls of my mama’s delicious chow fun. I ate so much, I surprised myself. But I guess I spent the day starving in Riverside. :]

Fast forward to Saturday morning. I got a wake up call from Jamie and we talked for a bit before she had to get ready for her cousin’s wedding. After my Jamie time, I busted puppy missions with Joey and Andy. :3 Shit. He (my dear brother Joey) dropped five bills today. My dad felt so bad, he ended up giving Joey $200 to help. That was nice of him. :] Anyways. Within the first five minutes of Peanut being home, he pees everywhere. -__- Puppies. For real. Then we chilled after. And Alex came. And we all just chilled with Peanut.

We left for Music Festival around 5:30 pm.

Now.. on to the 2011 Eagle Rock Music Festival :3
I had such a great fucking night. From start to finish, although my feet were killing me the entire time. Also we walked up and down James’s hill a billion times. Not really, I’m exaggerating ‘cause I’m a baby bitch. But yeah.. Anyways! Alex and I played with his.. new toy for a bit. I was so happy and everything was beautiful and damn… I was just in a great mood. :] Then we met up with most of everyone and watched¬†Little Red Lung perform. They were great, by the way. We went to Dave’s afterwards and I had the most beautiful, delicious, mouthwatering Turkey melt ever. I downed that shit like a boss and waddled around the Music Fest. the following hours. Don’t really remember much after that.. We met up with more friends and went back to James’s a few times. Eh. Oh, we watched the Ukelele Orchestra perform two songs - Two Weeks :'3 and Rehab. Then James was guilted and pressured into donating cashmoney to some Bboys. Haha, that was interesting. Skipping everything that happened in between since it mostly just consisted of us walking to different stages, we stopped at the King Size stage and watched a few good bands play. Don’t remember the first one, but the second to last was Shadow Shadow Shade and they were good. :] And then Rooney played and it was beautiful. :’3 But they teased us so hard, it was awful. After Music fest. ended, we bought drinks to cool down and headed back to James’s for a porch party.. without James ‘cause we lost him, Patrick, and Russell in the crowd. Haha. We pissed off his creepy asshole neighbor though. :[ I felt pretty bad since I was pretty much shouting along to some ghetto jams at the top of my lungs. Oops. But yeah, James finally came and we all went inside. Alex and I didn’t stay too long though - we were the first to leave actually, haha. I had to go home and take care of Peanut.

I was expecting my living room to look like a mess but everything was perfectly intact. I thought I was gonna have to stomp on Peanut to teach him a lesson. :D Guess I didn’t have too. I’m glad.. :3 He’s so.. fucking precious. It’s amazing. He puked on the floor earlier though. :[ Poor thing. The afternoon must’ve been really hard on him. I hope he gets used to his new home soon and I hope Joey decides to keep him for good.¬†

Also. He’s such a silly dog. :3 All derpin’ around in his bed.

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